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MixPad Multitrack Recording Software 5.53

Record several audio tracks at the same time, add effects
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Record multiple tracks simultaneously and mix them to create new music. The number of tracks (vocal, music, audio) to be mixed is not limited. Supports sample rates from 6 kHz to 96 kHz, output in MP3, high-quality WAV, and upload to SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive.

There are many reasons why music lovers and audio technicians alike would love to add MixPad Multitrack Recording Software to their desktop. Equally useful to mix various voice and instrument tracks into one single musical piece and to put together seamlessly any number of songs into one continuous mashup, this audio tool can also record new audio to add to your mix and export the results in a wide array of audio codecs.

Though it can be used by both amateur and professional audio editors, this high-end software tool includes so many features and professional tweaks that it may require a certain learning curve until novice users can make the most of it. You will find that when trying to use some of its many tools and options, you’ll be asked to download and install another NCH Software tool, such as a full-fledged audio editor to complement the scarce editing options provided. Annoying as this may be, the good news is that most NCH tools are free for domestic and not-for-profit use, and MixPad and many of its complementing tools are no exception.

The program offers a totally professional look, customizable graphics, and accurate times (down to the millisecond). It opens with space for five simultaneous tracks, though you can add as many as you need. The initial view is for waveform graphs of whatever audio files you add to it, including whatever tracks you record and add to the mix. This comes really handy if you wish to edit the audio tracks before mixing them – it will allow you to split your tracks intuitively, to add audio effects to them, to fade in or out selected portions, create and add beats, etc. When you’re happy with your tracks, you can either use this view to mix them (by dragging and placing each track where it belongs in the mix) or you can open the program’s virtual mixing desk, where you can just play with your audio tracks like a professional DJ or a studio technician. You can work with uncompressed audio tracks as a source or directly with compressed MP3 tracks. The output options are extensive, and they’ll let you save your mixes as FLAC, WMA, AAC, M4A, Ogg, APE, AIFF, or WAV files, among others.

MixPad Multitrack Recording Software is an excellent audio recording, editing, and mixing tool for home and professional users alike. Any of them can use this program for free at home and for personal use without any limitations, while for the professional for-profit use you will be asked to buy a license for an inexpensive fee (for professional standards). Regardless of the use you intend to make of it, I can’t but recommend you to grab it, take a look at it, and enjoy its professional results – if you happen to complement it with all the other NCH tools it links with, you’ll end up with an excellent suite of audio tools and utilities that you’ll find hard to do without after a while.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Free version for non-commercial home use
  • Offers audio recording capabilities
  • Includes basic audio editing tools
  • Comes with audio equalizers and other effects
  • Exports audio to a wide range of formats
  • Provides an alternative mixing desk view to mix your tracks


  • Requires a learning curve
  • Some features won't work unless you download and install other NCH products
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